For over 60 years, Friends Neighborhood Nursery School has transformed the lives of young children by providing an inclusive, enriching, play-based education that nurtures the inquiry, independence, and social and emotional well-being of children ages 2½-6 years old. Inspired by Quaker principles and informed by education research, the Friends program celebrates the individuality of each student while fostering a community of learners. As young artists, naturalists, innovators, problem-solvers, and communicators, our students develop the academic and social building blocks for success in elementary school and beyond.

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224 Highwood Ave, Ridgewood NJ 07450

Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum is grounded in the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship (SPICES). Through day-to-day interactions and teachable moments, students learn to honor differences, consider alternate perspectives, cooperate to solve problems, resolve conflict, and participate as members of a community. Students holistically develop literacy and numeracy through morning meetings, project centers, and imaginative play areas that are inquiry-based, hands-on, and directed by students. Our young scientists are immersed in authentic opportunities to interact with nature, engineer solutions, and explore their world. Art is everywhere at Friends, as students engage in plays, puppetry, music, dancing, crafts, and painting daily.


Guided by our core values and pedagogy, Friends’ summer camp provides children with the chance to experience creativity and friendship, explore new passions, learn, and grow. Campers are encouraged to play, explore and discover almost exclusively outdoors. Each week, programming is inspired by a curricular theme that guides inquiry and learning.

Fresh air, healthy movement, water play, arts and crafts, story telling, puppetry, literacy, STEM, mindfulness, gardening and games are brought to the children by our experienced and caring teachers.

Who We Are

Friends Neighborhood School was established in 1959 to offer children the chance to grow and gain experience in a creative preschool, regardless of race, religion or background. Since then, not much has changed. The founders knew what research now supports regarding what constitutes a high-quality early childhood education, and those values and pedagogies have been carried on ever since.

Friends is a private, non-profit nursery school sponsored by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). The school is a member of the Friends Council on Education. The faculty have always been a nurturing, committed group of individuals who see and bring out the best in every child. In 2021, a Friends Committee was formed to usher the school into its next era of serving children and the community. The committee is comprised of current and alumni parents who wish to give back to Friends what Friends had given them.